Every   day   you   utilize   products   and   services   that   are   impactful   to   your   life.   Whether   you   are   flying   30,000 feet   above   the   earth;   waiting   impatiently   for   your   flight   to   depart,   communicating   with   a   loved   one,   or checking   your   bank   account.   Products   utilizing   our   Engineering   skills   are   likely   part   of   your   daily   life without you even realizing. Products   and   services   we   are   involved   with   include;   typhoon   and   tornado   early   warning   systems,   mobile communications,     aviation     RADAR,     airframe     products,     power,     and     data     communications.     These innovative   initiatives   span   countries,   continents   and   the   globe.   We   were   key   contributors   to   the   team that    processes    and    amazing    50+    Billion    transactions    a    day,    from    data    points    spanning    an    entire continent!    Companies    and    agencies    we    have    been    associated    with    include;    Department    of    Defence, NOAA,   NASA,   the   FAA,   The   Department   of   Commerce,   IBM,   Boeing,   Airbus,   Lockheed   Martin,   Fluor,   Ball Aerospace, Agilent, Advantest, JDSU, and Tektronix to name a few. Our   Engineers   continue   to   be   engaged   at   the   forefront   of   technology   and   product   development.   Whilst we   approach   everything   we   do   with   rigour   and   passion   in   order   to   provide   safety   and   comfort   in   your everyday life, our greatest passion is music and its reproduction. We    are    dedicated    music    lovers    and    musicians    who    have    collected    and    play    stringed    and    percussion instruments   over   decades   and   have   built   several   high   end   recording   studios.   After   years   of   modifying and   upgrading   studio   equipment   we   reached   a   point   of   diminishing   return   and   realized   the   cabling   most studios   use   is   a   weak   point.   So,   using   our   engineering   skills   we   started   manufacturing   our   own   power   and instrument   cables.   Like   any   other   musician’s   and   music   lovers   we   are   constantly   on   the   quest   for   tone.   In the   early   2000’s   we   started   to   use   our   cabling   products   for   local   talent   and   broadened   our   scope   to national    talent    for    live    and    recording    use.    Each    year,    EnKlein    remembers    these    humble    origins.    We choose to support local/regional emerging bands with cabling to further their creativity. Now,   EnKlein   utilizes   our   expertise   in   cutting   edge   transmission   technology   to   deliver   new   and   exotic high    performance    custom    cabling    and    power    products    for    high    end    audio.    Items    you    depend    on    in everyday   life;   we   probably   already   have   had   a   part   in   designing;   but   to   discover   the   true   potential   of   your music   system   let   us   demonstrate   how   our   expertise   in   technology   will   unleash   the   emotion   contained   in your music collection.

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